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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crafting Cred

As a new crafting blogger, it is time to build some Crafting Cred (like "street cred" just for crafts).  In other words, share some of my projects to prove I don't just collect (hoard), organize and store craft supplies.  (Although my daughter did express shock that I was willing to part with so much of my beloved stash to make this baby scrapbook!)

Here is an envelope mini that I built from left over invitation envelopes from my wedding (seventeen years ago).  They were still pristine white so I figure they are acid-free after all this time!

Please forgive the photo quality - I'm a crafter not a photographer but I promise to get better!

The envelopes were made from a white paper embossed with flowers and leaves.  I inked them with a pink pad, intending this to be a baby girl photo display.  I made all of the double mats from scrap paper I had on hand and then added some additional embellishments made from the same scrap paper.  Finally, I added rhinestones, crystals, ribbon, silk/felt flowers and metal fasteners from EK Success. 

All of the supplies were purchased on clearance/sale, from dollar stores or in bulk at the CKC convention.  The whole display probably cost me less than $3 not including my tools - which I also only buy dirt cheap (buy them cheap, not buy cheap tools - smile). Skrimp and Skrap!

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