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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Craft Candy

I love seeing all of the creative ways that crafters store their goodies.  I especially love to see them stored in pretty glass jars.  I call it craft yummy.

But, true to my blog name, I do not want to spend a lot on those pretty glass jars.
Here are the ones I found for my craft room. 

All but the jars in the last picture are from the Dollar Tree.
These are not something they keep in stock and they go fast.
Be on the look out at your local store.  They are worth the wait!

I use them to store silk flowers, ribbons, buttons and other odds and ends.
They make me smile just to look at them and certainly serve as inspiration.

I could find more space-efficient storage, but it would probably make my product less visible.
I need visibility to remember to use my stash!  Besides...jars are so pretty!

The jars in the next picture are from Walmart (bottom back), clearance Bazzils through and, obviously, old baby food jars.  Wish I could get more baby food jars but my kids are 9.  Baby food jars make great small flower storage.

Wish I hadn't bought the Walmart jars - got them before finding the ones at the Dollar Tree - they were $1.99 each which is not bad but not great considering they are smaller than the ones I got for $1.
Oh well.  They are still nice.

I hear a lot of folks get jars from Ikea.  They have a nice selection - especially if you want something really large, but Dollar Tree is generally cheaper for small to mid-sized jars.
Goodwill and other thrift stores are also a great option.

Looking at my pics here, I'm thinking, jars could use a little more bling.  Guess I need to break out some pretty tag supplies and make some labels.  So many Skrimp N Skrap projects, so little time!

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