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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to be a Miser

I am a big fan of discount stores like Big Lots and Tuesday Morning.  They are generally a good deal in comparison to retail for the same brand but certain brands charge a premium - some deservedly so and some not so much.

I find it is always important to have a price point in mind of what I am willing to pay for an item.  My rule of thumb is no more than 10 cents per sheet of scrapbook paper/cardstock; less than $10 for a full scrapbook kit (12x 12 album included); $1 for a sheet of stickers (5x7); $6 for a sheet of acrylic stamps (5x7), etc.  This keeps me from going overboard even when the product is adorable.  I'm not tempted by a price tag that boasts 40% off retail.  Retail is often over-priced.

My latest toy is one example.  My local Tuesday Morning has had the original Making Memories Slice starter kit (with embossing tips, embossing mat, 3 pens/pen tips, etc.) for $129.  Original retail was $149.  It went on clearance for $99.  Score, right?  Not really.  It is not their newest model.  I just couldn't justify a hundred bucks especially since I would have to invest even more money in design cards to make the Slice really useful.

So, I waited and waited and this President's Day, Tuesday Morning offered an additional 40% off clearance prices.  I grabbed it and am very glad I did.  The little machine works great and there are good Ebay deals on the older design cards ($10 per versus the original retail of $50).  All good things to those who wait!  Skrimp N Skrap!

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