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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Splurge Worthy

I am cheap - very, very cheap.  I don't pay retail on very many things and often turn away from crafting products that I deem too expensive even if I think they are gorgeous.  I am also pretty creative.  I can make some really cute things out of the cheapest supplies imaginable and I like to hand-make my own card and scrapbooking embellishments if it means saving a few bucks.

Over the years, I have discovered, though, that some things are what I deem "splurge-worthy."  These are items that are of such high quality and usefulness that I go to them over and over.  This makes the per use cost minimal even if I spent more at the outset.

High quality crafting tools are an investment.  When it comes to quality paper punches, Martha Stewart's cannot be beat.  Not only are the designs intricate and beautiful, but they cut clean every time.  I am especially fond of Martha Stewart border punches and I reach for mine over and over.  They command a premium but they are simply worth more than other punches I have tried.  Of course, I still use a coupon and if they go on clearance?  I am so there!

I am less picky about stamps - rubber, foam or acrylic - and have been known to buy every brand imaginable if I liked the design.  I find that they give a unique feel and texture I can work with even when they are cheap.

Still, we all know which stamp brands command a premium for a reason.  You've already seen that I love The Stamps of Life - clever clever clever use of multi-step stamping and I use them often.  Totally splurge-worthy.

I also love Close to My Heart stamps.  I'll buy them when I can get a special (buy two get one 50% off, etc), but if I find them on Craigslist for $2 per set, sign me up!!!  (Yes, I found 26 sets on Craigslist for less than $2 per set - some were used, but that doesn't change how they function.)

My newest splurge-worthy?  High quality cardstock.  I used to happily pass the Bazzil booth at the CKC convention - yikes, the prices!  But, I've now gotten a real taste for the stuff.  Bought some through Craigslist and used it for a couple projects.  Let's be honest, Bazzil card stock is just pretty.  OK, so I'll still hold out for a Craigslist Bazzil haul.  Fortunately, I've got enough on hand to satisfy my Bazzil craving - for awhile.

What's "splurge-worthy" for you?

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