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Thursday, March 1, 2012

NLFMP - No Longer Fearing My Pazzles

I have a Pazzles...I am afraid of it.  Remember how I mentioned in my Craigslist post that there are some purchases you regret that hang around staring at you and making you feel guilty?  Well, my Pazzles nearly became that purchase for me.

I spent a lot of money on this bohemoth grandaddy of electronic die cut machines - I thought it was splurge worthy.  After all, Pazzles designed the Cricut for Provo Craft but their own machine allowed so much more creative freedom - oh, and no pricey cartridges that you are forced to buy.  I bought it used and got a ton of extras with it.  So it was a decent deal, but it is really only a decent deal if I use it!  It has sat in my craft room for over a year, unused and unloved.  So sad...and costly.  Gulp.

I tried cutting with it a few times, but couldn't get the pressure and blade height right.  I also used some paper that was just too thin and it left lovely bits of lint all over my mat.  Well, after buying my Slice - with the excuse that it was just a convenient, portable supplement to my Pazzles - the guilt got the better of me and I fired grandaddy die cutter up.

Fortunately, I have found a great resource on the Pazzles Craft Room web-site - Klo's Corner.  Klo is an experienced scrapbooker and Pazzles user.  Every week, she hosts virtual classes using the Pazzles for a variety of creative projects.  She is very patient and will show procedures many times if needed.  In addition, she records and archives all classes for students to reference later.  Honestly, it's like having a Pazzles with training wheels!!!  Klo is awesome!  Thank you, Klo!

It was with Klo's voice in my head that I finally took on a project I've wanted to do for a long time:  create cutting files of The Stamps of Life images so that I can just stamp them and not fussy cut them by hand. is my first project with the first cutting file I've created. looks a little like a project I posted previously...sorry, just love that little umbrella (and, of course, it's real easy to duplicate as a cutting file - hey, baby steps, I'm not ready for nothin' too complex, yet).  I know it is hard to see the dimension - I cut out the top of the umbrella and popped it up with a large foam square.  It's really cute in person.  I am THRILLED with the result.

So, my Pazzles is now on its way to becoming splurge worthy!  Another good example of making an investment - save over here to splurge over there without (or at least with less) guilt.

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