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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dollar Tree Inspiration

Some crafters are very skilled at deciding exactly what product to use on a project and then heading off to the craft store to get exactly what they need and no more.  I am in awe of that discipline.  I am not that person.

I like to "shop" in my craft room. Once inspired, I like to pull out almost every possible product that might go on that project.  I hold up this paper, that flower and then another embellishment, slowly narrowing down to the product and design I will use.  If I tried to do this "shopping" at the store, well, eventually Joann's would kick me out for either making a mess or being there for hours.  Not to mention that when I am finally ready to buy product for a project, the stores either do not have it or it's atrociously expensive.

So, in order to be able to shop in my craft room, I stock up when I see items I like.  The only way I can afford that is to be very frugal.  Thus, I call myself Skrimp N Skrap.   Fortunately, this isn't hard.  Here are just a few of my stock up items from a recent Dollar Tree excursion.

Already, I am seeing how some of these will coordinate with some 6x6 albums I bought from the Dollar Tree awhile ago.  I'm thinking some cute little toddler boy albums are destined for a future post!  Skrimp N Skrap!


  1. Those owl stickers are my FAVE!!!! So adorable!!!

  2. good for you, I think we are more creative when we are frugal. And I too, love the dollar store!

  3. Wow, those are so cute! Can't believe you found them at the $1 store. Love the owls especially!


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