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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Going Green or Just Cheap?

Every time I punch out a die cut from a pre-made sheet, it hurts me to just throw away the remaining paper.  Sometimes the leftover could be a nice frame when some of the image remains from the die cut or even a template when it is cut from chipboard.  It just feels so wasteful to throw all that acid-lignin free goodness away even if I put it in the recycle bin.

Here is an example.  I got this sheet of Basic Grey punch out tags in a recent Craigslist haul.  A good bit of the image remains once the tags are removed.


So, I cut the tags apart and cut out the "frames".

Then, I adhered the frames to some pretty card stock and cut around them leaving a border to make another set of tags.

I thought they came pretty cute.  I haven't finished all of the different frames (thus the different photo examples of frames in various stages)

Here is a closer look at one of the tags (the one I like the best).
And, here is a quick birthday card I made with it.

"For You" Stamp by Hampton Arts (Studio G).
I'm not sure I will do this every time I have punch outs.  It takes a little time and it is important that the amount of frame left is usable.  For example, not only does there need to be a certain amount of color left, but it needs to be relatively even on all sides (if there is no color left, not sure the effort would be worth it).  Still - it can make a nice detail to add to a tag.

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