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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pushing My Comfort Zone

I've been doing some "sperimentin'" lately.  I totally love cards and scrapbook pages with lots of ephemera and pattern mixes done by other people but when I work on my own, I stick with simple, symmetrical, matchy-matchy and, well, boring.  With the best of intentions, I will pile on a bunch of embellishments and patterns and then...slowly take them away, one by one, until I am back to simple, symmetrical, matchy-matchy and, well, boring.

I say, BORING NO MORE!  I am committed to interesting.  I am committed to leaving the multiple patterns and the bunches of ephemera!  I refuse to listen to that symmetry-loving dictator in my head!

This card is the closest I have come to living this vision.  Notice the patterns!  Notice the off-set!  Notice the - gasp - completely unrelated use of purple in the flower, rhinestones and ribbon when it can be found no where on the paper!  Okay the dark stripes on the background paper are almost purple - but not quite.
This was a real stretch for me.  My twin daughters stood by my side, cheering me on as I permanently glued the pieces in place.  And, guess what?  I kinda like it.  So I still only put a couple embellishments on this steps, right?
Flower and sentiment:  thanks4oneyear from The Stamps of Life by Stephanie Barnard 

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